Save TIME & MONEY Up to 78 % Savings

When you see how much time and money you will save with our degrees, you will know that studying with Raffles International Institute is the smartest choice!

Save Time

Mongolian universities usually offer 4-year degree programmes. The Raffles-Northumbria University degree pathway is only 3 years. This means you will be working one year earlier than your friends in a local university!

Save Money

Because you start work a year earlier than your friends, you will earn a year of salary more!

Also, cost of your whole degree at Raffles is around 67 million Tugriks. You will probably still stay with your parents and will spend about 400,000 Tugriks a month on meals and transportation. This works out to be a total cost of around 81 million Tugriks for 3 years of study (approx. USD 34,000).

Tuition fees in UK is around £10,000 per year. Living cost is around £1,000 per month. In total, you can expect to spend £66,000 (approx. USD 85,000)!

As for American degrees, it may cost you USD40,000 for tuition and living cost. Multiply that for a 4-year degree and you will need to payUSD 160.000!